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We manufacture the highest quality, most accurate and authentic, well-crafted racing can cooler. Tire-Tracks DamnSlick is a beverage cooler that looks and feels like real racing tires or slicks.

Large rubber tires make it a terrific pen holder for the desk after the race. It's perfect as an invitation, gift or engraved as an award.

 DamnSlick is the perfect souvenir for a day at the track because -
it will spend years on the desktop.

DamnSlick Drag Slick Drag Racing tire

Can Cooler or Pen Holder

Real Racing Rubber

Weighted bottom Resists tipping

Tread Wear Indicators

Highly Detailed

Authentic | Quality | Detail


DamnSlick is an accurate reproduction of racing tires and wheels, featuring real racing rubber compound and highly detailed tire and wheel.

The raised tire lettering on the top sidewall can be customized for your tire brand.

The racing tires can use recycled rubber from your sponsored winning car's tires.

DamnSlick is the perfect souvenir for a day at the track because - your brand will spend years on the desktop.


The fit and finish of the DamnSlick is unrivaled.
The beverage can or water bottle fits inside the racing tires with less than .003" clearance, making for an impressively smooth entry and exit.

Only high pressure injection molds can deliver the level of engineering accuracy and level of detail that distinguish quality products from mediocrity.

Precision tools - make precision parts.

Authentic | Quality | Detail


DamnSlick features details including: racing tire wear dimples, recessed 5-spoke racing wheel with rivets, cross-drilled rotors, sand-cast dual piston brake caliper, recessed lug nuts and tire inflation nozzle.

DamnSlick is engineered with an interior dome on the bottom of the cooler to prevent any moisture from leaking out the bottom breather hole on the users lap.

DamnSlick has a domed, weighted bottom making it difficult to tip-over, especiallty on unlevel or uneven surfaces such as spectator benches or lawns.

Details make our product - collectible
Details make your brand - valuable

Authentic | Quality | Detail

DamnSlick features the highest quality labels available in polyurethane or pewter.

Full color, gradients, transluscent overlays,
backgrounds of metallics, brushed aluminum, chrome and pewter.

Brand logo's - deserve respect.
Our labels - deliver admiration.

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DamnSlick is engineered to receive an oval domed label that can be printed in full color and offers metallic backgrounds and gradients.

Durability of the polyurethane label is unmatched with none of the liabilities of Pad Printing: fading, scratching or toxicity. The label is held securely in place by the rubber surround, without the need for toxic adhesives.

The dome label has a thick coating of polyurethane over the decal and produces a rich high-gloss effect. Polyurethane labels are durable, water resistant and offer metallic options with rich vibrant colors to extend your graphic palette.

The end result is your brand - getting the respect it deserves.

  • All
  • Standard Background
  • Brushed Aluminum
  • Silver Metalllic
  • Chrome

Made in the U.S.A

We are proud to say we are 100% made in the U.S.A.
Our DamnSlick is manufactured in Cleveland Ohio. Our polyurethane dome labels are made Tampa Bay, Florida. Our central location makes for reasonable shipping rates and faster ship times to all areas of the United States and Canada.

Authentic | Quality | Detail

Patented in the U.S.A

Our products have been awarded 8 United States patents. The DamnSlick product line has the United States Patent number in raised lettering on the bottom of the tire.


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Phone: 614-350-4454

Hours: Monday - Friday 9-5 EST

Manufacturing: Cleveland, OH 44103

Distribution: Columbus, OH 43230

Custom Labels: Available in less than 10 business days

World Wide Shipping Available: Canada, South America, Australia, Europe & the UK